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ZZ TOP : Girl In A T-Shirt lyrics

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ZZ TOP lyrics : "Girl In A T-Shirt"

Some girls gotta get coco chanel
Some get the luck of the draw
I got a girl lookin' naturally well

Hippest chick you ever saw
She like wearin' powder and paint
Wheelin' in a big Seville

She's big cheese with the maitre d's
Down at the bar and grill
Just a girl in a t-shirt

Girl in a t-shirt
Her reputation precedes her
In every boutique around

They get down on their knees to please her
She's throwin' that money down
Now don't get it wrong, please understand

She's barely keepin' up with the rent
But the finer labels and her car phone
Kepp her down to her very last cent

Just a girl in a t-shirt
Girl in a t-shirt
Everybody digs her, everybody try

Once you get past that femme fatale
Everybody knows she's fine
I had to get it and quit it and keep a cool head

It took me a pass or two
But her code's done cracked I want you to know
She's my baby through and through

Just a girl in a t-shirt
Girl in a t-shirt

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