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ZZ TOP : Down Brownie lyrics

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ZZ TOP lyrics : "Down Brownie"

When I woke up this mornin'
Had a smile run across my face.
My baby from town just had to get down,

Come and drag me all over the place.

Gonta drive on a flatbed trailer truck

Down on highway fifty-nine.
I had the blues and my baby, she knew
She's holdin' little piece of mind.

Down brownie,
My brownie downtown,

Down brownie.

Got my share and I'm a black hand cottonfield

Just to try and keep myself alive.
Eatin' red beans and rice with the right sauce, it's nice
Or anything you wanna try.

Now I'm hitchin' a ride back from brownie's,
I'm kind of sad but I feel alright.

The cold night it stings but I got me some wings,
I'll be flyin' into houston tonight.

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