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Zoli Band : Saint & Sinners lyrics

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Zoli Band lyrics : "Saint & Sinners"

These strange days
I learned about myself
I wasted time

Her shine wore off
as the time wore on
I thought she was but I was wrong

The chosen one
My girlfriends gone...Thank God
like times before

a busy world
Old fashioned lost on a guilty city [email protected]^%
Through good times

and through the bad times
I want you
but don't want you back

You're on my mind
I want you back
don't want you back

None of us are saints
this I can tell you
but in these strange days

I have shined, so have you
so don't you preach to me
the things you don't do

but in these strange days
I have shined, so have you
And I feel so let down

and I feel out of place
well its been so long, since you held my head
and girl you have lost your place

Its hard to be a [email protected]^%
because morals are restrictive
the dead using the dead

corpse using corpse
people with low morals consider themselves free
But often lack the ability to feel and love

Strangers when you meet
strangers when you part
That LA, Sunset, Malibu, Hollywood

Kind of sex
Strangers when you meet, strangers when you part

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