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Zo2 : Red line highway lyrics

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Zo2 lyrics : "Red line highway"

Freedom seekers running at the speed of sound
Black top rangers workin' hard to keep you down
Demon speeders tear across the land

Move in to high gear tryin' to outrun the man

Rough riders, horsepower hangin' on to the reins

On fire, hot wired transmission to the brain
I think I'm goin' insane

Red line highway, a flash of light kick in the overdrive
Red line highway, gotta make it to the other side

Speedway junkies disciples on a road of rage
Rearview reaper if he gets ya it's an early grave

Radar gunners ahhhh
Last lap shootout comin' to the end of the line

White lightning fuel injection runnin' through my veins
Igniting, full throttle on the devil's terrain
We're going down in flames


Ain't gonna stop for nothing', I can feel my body pumpin'
Gasoline . . . Cause I'm a killing machine
A driving superpower, I do a million miles an hour

And there's no way of catching me


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