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Zo2 : Infinity rising lyrics

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Zo2 lyrics : "Infinity rising"

She never really has to wait for an answer
It's always waiting for her
You'd do anything for a chance to romance her

Ain't that the way of the world
Everything comes so easy, every door opens with a smile
I coud see it in her eyes, there's no surprise, she don't need me

Or anyone else that's just her style


She's infinity rising, she catches your eye
And there's just no denying that she's one of a kind
She walks in like a headline, she's always front page

She's infinity rising in her own gilded cage

She has a way of letting you uncover,

Just what she wants you to see
In your reflection you may start to discover
She's what you want her to be

If you look any closer, there is pain that lives between the lines
And you start to find, no one really knows her
And her smile's out of place with the tears that she hides


She won't show what's inside her
But quiet desperation comes to mind,
She's just putting on a show and she's a survivor

Everything looks so fine when you're looking from outside


She's infinity rising, always surprising
She's never, she's never, she's never realizing
That her lost could be found

Come out of your cage

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