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Zo2 : I'm still waiting lyrics

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Zo2 lyrics : "I'm still waiting"

My baby likes to come around
Always playin'
Throwin' a bone before it hits the ground

I'm on it like a watch dog
Can't you see what's goin' on . . . woman
Anticipating to be proven wrong . . . Proven wrong

I'm in a game I don't wanna be

But something here's got a hold on me
Could let it go and just walk away
She says she's changing'. . I'm still waiting

She used to run with an also ran
All time loser

Not a typical situation you can understand
Don't wanna be the encore
Don't you see what's goin' on . . . woman

Hesitatin' to right a wrong . . . Right or wrong?


She gets me turned around, my baby
I'm in the lost and found of crazy

I'm losing when I'm winning
At the end of the beginning
Always seems to happen on cue

Am I lovin' the addiction
Or just part of my affliction
What's this boy to do?


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