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Zion I : Elevation lyrics

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Zion I lyrics : "Elevation"

Zion I crew. Amp Live, DJ KG, Zion. We're love and peace

[Verse 1]
The metaphorical, mathematical word science
Lyrical compounds react plus minus

Earth's finest, I represented on Venus
Girl gotta be pregnant so now she got my fears
Good God Jesus

Let me lace up my Adidas
My crew spread like AIDS you just can't see us
Subterranean, memories keep on fadin' in

Of when I was a king in Medittereanian
Landscapes greet time for?
And chill while rain drops splatter on glass lakes

Reactions powerful poetic fraction
Let's grip and leave trails like acid trips
I diagnose

If you need a larger dose
Flows that pharaoh knows will leave you comatose
Like Nesa, the pyramid rhyme pleaser

I verbalize with the wild type demeanor
And speak wit
Archaic souls of the O

Times when our minds use to shine beautiful


It's like begin, world spin, then
You fly we fly in
Time is comin'

I'll I still will chill feels
Like blessin'
Rockin' not top charts hip hop plots

Tick tock clock domes stop
I still will chill feel

I just need some elevation (echo)

[Verse 2]

Yo, yo bust it
The spirit warrior I creep up in your mind corridor
And tell my name leave your stain in euphoria

Type color brothers cloaked in camouflages
I'm rugged and tough like them old school Dodgers
With the meaning like mesonic lodges

And even though we divine remain monstrous
So who your God is
Yo I'm just an artist

Walk with a torch navigate though the forests
Lookin' for sanctuary the legendary
The tree of life I'm my only adversary

And who we friend is a pen I begin
Creatin' conversation no time to play pretend
? most high we all gotta die

I'll take the higher path cause it's only I-N-I
Though money's like tryin' to fly without a sky
It makes me ask the question what's the reason why?


Need some more elevation. I need some elevation. Give me elevation.

[Verse 3]

I always plan to win, when I enter into something
The Zion I crew keep your spirit jumpin'
The mic is plugged in turn table set

Commence to bombin' like a Vietnam vet
My dialect is set to erect

When I can sip upon a chalice
And reminisce upon the sweetness of this
Experience my inner world total bliss

I will image a realm without the dragon (say what?)
I be designed to keep your dream laggin'
And deferred

My word is heard
To consume the room like clouds of herb
We bless your chest with the I'll introspection
And manifest use your spirit as a weapon


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