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ZING : Cry At Your Name lyrics

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ZING lyrics : "Cry At Your Name"

I'm thankful I can cry at your name, upon reflection of the cross and you

Defying the grave. I'm thankful I can cry at your name, the world can try
And they can pry they'll never take that away.

V1: The ember burns, I bow to your splendor. White flag drawn, yes now I
Surrender. Remember you're mending, defending the weak, you tend to your
Sheep, God sent the elite. You came here to reap from the seeds of the

Earth. Displaced out of Eden, defeating the curse. Leading the church, your
Bride awaits, I'm reading the Word, you abide with Grace. The wages are
Death, how hight the stakes. No condemnation for my mistakes, so I apply

The brakes, take the wheel. You hold the scrolls and you break the seals. I
Marvel, you took what was carnal and made, anew by your blood, now I'm
Pardoned and saved. The harvest came, my hearts a slave, to the Light of

The world by darkness slain.


V2: You're beautiful, it's unusual, no word's I find hold suitable. When I
Attempt to define or describe your nature. Lord I lament, you would die, My

Saviour! Crucified, but you would rise, you became what you despised (sin).
I scrutinize my foolish pride, my human eyes look to the skies. God who am
I? That you'd supply, your grace that I be purified, so you decide, my

Lifes direction. These tears I cry show my affection. Cuz ain't such thing
As a lukewarm faith. The scripture it hits and it rudely awakes. The end is
Near, no time to fake it, I'm pitiful, poor, blind and naked.


V3: The truth is I'm hopin', the youth will be broken, and soak in the
Words they have heard of you spoken. Open their hearts so that my
Generation will cry at your name in divine revelation. To know Him and grow

In the grace he has showed them. They didn't choose you, you that have
Chose them. So then, I'm loathin, the sin that was holdin, me captive I'm
Back and it's time to get active. Robes of white with a crimson stain, I'm

Thankful that I can cry at your name. Cuz the cross is the cost and his
Loss is our profit, how often are coffins defying the grave? So I'm
Thankful I cry, that you grip my emotions, the winds and the oceans obey

And here. They could take my possesions, take my life, but they'll never
Ever take my tears.

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