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Zimmers Hole : 1312 lyrics

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Zimmers Hole lyrics : "1312"

Once proud and fearless, what have we become?
End the time of weakness, we know what must be done
Rise above a simple purpose, time you know the score

Either you're the Master, or just another [email protected]^%...

What's your Quest?

What are you fighting for?
Is that your best?
Just give a little more...

From the smoking ashes, a tribe of Lordes will rise
Vengeance will rain down from the Northern skies

Into the frozen North upon the mountain high
You cannot run from truth, your blood you can't deny

See the demons fly way up there in the sky
Lightning bolts they strike and you must wonder why
Never fear my dear because The Hole is here

Wipe your tears you puss, you might just worship us!

Feel the power, Northern Thunder

Feel the power, Northern Thunder!

All paths converge, heed the call

Purpose and Might, we'll claim it all
It's yours by right, watch the palace fall


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