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ZIGGENS : Pistol Pete lyrics

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ZIGGENS lyrics : "Pistol Pete"

Made his way in life called pistol,
once they saw what he could do,
this little kid dribblin' all over town,

even in the movie theater, too.
Mom peaking out from the kitchen,
dad teaching him new tricks,

big brother was a natural too,
but this little kid his talent was just sick.
Will this be the first shot or could it be the last,

with millions sunk between them and bitter still,
he just had to ask, why am I so unhappy?
He came so close in high school,

and he just missed at LSU,
never a champion with the big boys
and fans can be frickle too.

He studied aliens and karate,
Eastern meditation brought no peace,
until that night on Lake Pontchartrain

when the pistol dropped to his knees
and he said

And when he died it was on the court,
right behind that old church,
his heart had changed but it still gave out

and JESUS came and picked him up with no more

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