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ZERRY ZIGGZ : Budlove ft Biz lyrics

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ZERRY ZIGGZ lyrics : "Budlove ft Biz"

Puff puff pass in da cypher
you's fu's best not jack my lighter
it's necessary to ignite the

herb soul provider
that gets me higher than $#&@in hang gliders
why are you so tasty?

why are you so smooth?
no need to be hasty once da bud soothes
your soul, aches, ailments, whatever

smoke arrangements brang us together
bud is best in any weather rain or shine
i'm down for blazin, cravin anytime

fine. I'll admit just wanna get it so high!
NO why? Oh my supply low,
before ya know I'm dry

but realize dat dis %#@!'s almost legalized
so I take a ride to my boy jeremiah's
cuz he got the identifier

that let us acquire medicinal fire
now i'm inspired!
I'm ready for raps, a medley of phat

becoming from inner spirits. Satiric
views of society.

Make me question whether I am free
Why do we have all of these

institutions like economies
judicial rulings and money illusions
thus weed i'm usin

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