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ZERO : We Are Here Now lyrics

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ZERO lyrics : "We Are Here Now"


With enemies, I'm gun wrecking

Spreading tongue venom, I'm more than Immortal; live a hundred centuries in one second
With heavenly weaponry, spread MC's with no effort
My voice box is strong enough to leave your throat severed

My soul is dark and it's blown apart
I bring a flow that is powerful enough to shatter Noah's ark
Inside my mind, that's where Eden is kept

Brought my shadow to the living world to beat it to Death

Baphomet MC

Yeah we are the best, ZeroSquad is immaculate
and my name is Baphomet... old heads mad 'cause I don't have cassette

They stupid, don't want progression in music
Dropping wisdom that's truthless, they 97 and CLUEless
%#@! on a KITCHEN TABLE, ayo $#&@ a BLUEPRINT

I respect the LEGENDS but I just don't give two %#@!s
Ruthless with the verbals and writtens
Hear my verses you quitting

Vicious fitness, defying physics, hitting (*##$es with perfect precision
uh, mother$#&@er

Hook (Baphomet MC)

Forced to bleed for this

We are here now
For a reason (*##$
We are (ZERO) x2


You've never SEEN (divisions/the visions) in the game that's at the level where (mine is/minus),
Where lyrical precision is broken down to a science.
ADDing up my writtens to show them all what the TIME is.

Every rapper (knows/nose) these labels will wanna (sign us/sinus/sine us).
Many (cosign/cosine) us.
Let me go on a TANGENT for a bit... I'm DelaCruise, from the Zero alliance,

Showing my Ill Mind in the ring if a foe (hops in/Hopsin).
Like "ruin", "I" will come after (you/"u") -- you will not win!


My lyrical prowess is impossibly astronomical/Why would you try to fight it in lava I'm still insoluble/ With rhymes so cold that if you stand by the speakers/ for long enough refrigerators start to feel like they're heaters/

I've started down this road, and not many have followed yet/ for those with which I'm not impressed I'm comin for your hollow heads/ there aint been much time to KILL, for zero at all/ but in 8 bars believe each of us is LEAVIN A SCAR/

Hook (Baphomet MC)

Forced to bleed for this

We are here now
For a reason (*##$
We are (ZERO) x2

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