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ZENDIK : Is There No Peace lyrics

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ZENDIK lyrics : "Is There No Peace"

Is there no peace in this world?
Well you hide your fine hate and bigotry.
What does it all mean to me,

I just cannot see what's the purpose of it all.

Old dress, depress, fornicators, people .

In that desert only sick and wound to pretend to be high.
But they just can't win,
Never overcoming this situation that they're in.

Is there no peace in this world?
Each day birds fly, men die, women cry, it ain't right.

Why must people fight and die, never knowing why,
Guess we'll never know the answer.

Do you think you would like to find a way out of here?
Do you think you'd like to look at your mind through a kaleidoscope mirror?
Well it just might be the answer even though you'll die faster here,

'Cause God was dead a long long time ago.

God is dead, God is dead, GOD IS DEAD

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