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ZEN MASTER GRIFF : Rap Genius Battle Round 1 lyrics

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ZEN MASTER GRIFF lyrics : "Rap Genius Battle Round 1"

I think too many thoughts so I'm thinking I'll pen 'em all down
And they'll just find a way to rhyme together somehow
Over time they will find a nice fitting flow

And be ready to be thrown on top of beats so very soul-
Ful, don't wanna sound like an old dude
But I'm wiser than my age so I'm not acting like a damn fool

Got all these esses saying "Damn fool"
What's the recipe to that %#@! that's keeping you so cool
I said a little bit of indifference

Just the right amount so it don't look like you don't give a %#@!
Enlightenment with each and every hit
But weeds not a requirement, music's fueling my rocket ship

Indulge in every pleasure, no pressure, unwrap the tourniquet
Weather's better than ever whenever you can envision the
Blue sky magnificent, white clouds to furnish it

Topped off with double rainbows, two times the sentiment.

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