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Zella Mayzell : Intentions To Dismember lyrics

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Zella Mayzell lyrics : "Intentions To Dismember"

[Speaking In Italian:]
"Lo tenga rilasciato, quanti anni ha signore, quarantatre, ecco si tiri su'. Be' che ci prepara di bello, un' altro film senza speranza, e' la prima volta che fa' la cura, si. Un bel respiro, avanti."

He's not as tall as I remember.
Clawing at your feet is killing me.
Half way through the night I'm tired

This song is on repeat is killing me.

Falling short of all the promises. of all of the promises you made to me.

And standing tall. and breaking the promises you're breaking the promises you made to me.
And I'll be back for more. I'll be back for more.
Even though if I listened I'd remember you came with intentions to dismember.

But I cannot fake this anymore. I've been here before. I've been here before.
And it lasted from April to November this time
I'll decide not to surrender to all of the dark I felt before.

So leave me and find someone else I can't live for you I can't live for myself.
So feel free to find someone else I won't live for you I won't live for myself
It's not me I'm somebody else I want you so much I don't feel like myself.

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