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ZE : X lover lyrics

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ZE lyrics : "X lover"

I could've fallen in love but you (x2)

I could've fallen in love but I fell apart

You could've told me your name but you...
I wanna stay naive but I know too much
Tomorrow is the 18th so you can take my youth away

I get the feeling that we're still together
Running away from everything that matters

You could be my star or my bad karma
You could be the knife that you stab me with again and again

X you up in my love
And you can x me up in yours

Everyday I see your face
Wanna hear you say my name

I could've fallen in love but you broke my heart
So I took your ego and fed it to the dog

Be my lover
Be my x lover

Take it break it steal it crush it drop it
Break it crush it take it drop it drop it
Steal it take it crush it take it take it

Break it break it drop it crush itstab it



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