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ZE lyrics : "I Am Glam"

They live in the superficial
they don't know who I am
they wanna take me for granted

but they don't know what I glam

I, I, I, am what I glam

glam, glam, glam glam I am

I wanna live on a high

where they all know who I am
get drunk on absolutely nothing
and party in amsterdam

Where I can be whatever I want
and don't have to dress to impress anyone

check out the boys lookin so fine
they don't yet know but they're already mine

Come on

Freaky funky hot

hotter hottest on the dancefloor
party party party on
dance all night til you break a bone

Music, magic, live it, tragic
satisfy, my love, fanatic

I may be small but I can cause traffic
and I don't even have to be erotic

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