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ZAP MAMA lyrics : "Warmth"

Yesterday I was a child, today a mother
And I know how much we give and take
What I am accused of as a child

My spontaneity was my reality
Now everything is coded, thought out, numbered

Who waits for you
Who hears for you
Who sees you naked, no judgment

The only possibility I see
It’s to let the music flow through me

I’m riding alone, all the windows are closed
Got the echoes in my mind, hear the horns

When they blow
Touch my hand to the glass it’s cold outside
Shake my head with a smile feel the

Temperature rise

Warmth I need some warmth

Can you feel it when it blows your way
Can you feel the rhythm of a new day

Oh just let your desire be your guide
Hold on to the feeling to keep the fire inside

Can you feel it when it blows your way
Makes you feel high
The rhythm will warm you

Yesterday, I was but tomorrow it’s another day

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