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ZANE : Taco Salad lyrics

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ZANE lyrics : "Taco Salad"

Verse 1: I'm not no saint tainted with sacredness,
More like sacrificial, sacrilegious, hateful Satanist,
Straight jacket packing the shackles that'll chafe your wrists,

I'm an ancient myth, I roll joints like an ankle twist.
I'm dangerous, Zane is in AFIS's famous list,
%#@! I'm spitting at 'em, could split an atom, this 'n' that it's a different matter, I'm just calculating the radius,

Nuke blasting a vacant space, shaking your acreage,
Who's slashing a razor blade, aiming to take your life?
Look, I'll hang your wife and then take the knife and fillet your kids,

Raise the craziness, ^!$$%s think they could just take 'n' give,
but this is a give 'n' take, and a big awakening, a lot quicker than lock picking
at Fox River in Prison break,

Jesus! I'm heated, I can barely breathe, I'm needing a fricken break.

Chorus: Inhale, Exhale x2

Verse 2: I'm charged up, like I'm plugged in the wall,
I bring the ruckus 'cus I'm rugged 'n' raw,

I'm never bluffing when I'm snuffing your jaw,
Rapping and wrapping up my knuckles in gauze,
you ^!$$%s #[email protected] like you tucked in your balls,

Having sex with police brauds, 'cus I $#&@ with the law,
I need a muzzle just to muffle the saw, I keep it up in my drawers,
and (*##$es know that's just the luck of the draw,

Dipped your wounds with lemon juice and then I rubbed in the salt,
Like Chris Brown to Rihanna, ^!$$%s love to $$#ault,
Life's a tough titty like you (*##$es stuffing your bra,

I ain't never took %#@!, never was my butt in a stall,
%#@! so sick, like I forgot to cover a cough,
But look, y'all ^!$$%s know I'm at the top of the game,

Dropping insane lyrics, searing, hotter than flames,
Ya (*##$es try to fit the picture like you cropping the frame,
I got problems, but you NEVER want a problem with Zane.

Chorus x2

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