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ZACH NELSON lyrics : "What You Need To Know"

What may be true to you,
Might not be true for me,
But I can only show you,

What you want to see,

So in my head,

I do invite,
You to come and stay,
My sky is red,

Blue is the light,
And everyone laughs and plays,

There is no pain,
Nor hurt nor scars,
There is no sane,

Nor chains or bars,

I laugh I cry,

I bleed when I'm hurt,
But when I'm in love,
It hurts the worst,

There is no up without down,
No left without right,

No smile without frown,
No day without night,

So if there's no Devil without God,
And no peace without war,
Then tell me,

Whose side are you for?

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