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Zach Morris : Girl (You Got Me Twisted) lyrics

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Zach Morris lyrics : "Girl (You Got Me Twisted)"

I $#&@n' hate u

Got me $#&@n' twisted
Why the hell do u do this s**t to me?
You got me twisted

Damn b*tch u
Stupid h*e

U $#&@*d me up
U sl*t u got me twisted!

U dumb d*ke
U $#&@ that guy all night
Will u just quit d**kin' around

With my g** **mn life?


U dumb**ss $#&@
U $#&@*d up my life

I am so crappin' $#&@*d
U shotty-*ss d*ke

Damn u
And all your pretty s**t
U $#&@*d up nerdy girl

U stupid peice of t*tt


Why can't I get u off my mind?
Girl, why did u $#&@ up my life?

I no longer give a s**t about u
I am surprised anybody ever $#&@*d u!

U *shole
U stupid [email protected]$!ed b*tch
I so $#&@*ng hate u

U $#&@*d me up
U had me twisted
But I am twisted no longer


I am twisted no longer

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