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Yusuf Islam lyrics : "Everytime I Dream"

Every time i dream i keep seeing
Streets and alleyways places that i've never known
Every time i dream i am being

Lifted to a height that i too frightened to go
Then i wake up and find everything's away it seems one night ago
Every time i sleep i keep hoping

This would be the night of nights that i see you again
As i close my eyes like rims and curtains slowly rising on an empty stage
Then i'm back in the stall sitting all alone waiting for the show to begin

Ooooo... oooooo...
Every time i dream i would often find myself running
From a wild pack of lice

'till i reach a house and hear the gurge upstairs
And look for a place to hide
But if i saw you there

I wouldn't dare dream again of opening my eyes

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