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YUNGEN : Before I'm Gone Freestyle lyrics

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YUNGEN lyrics : "Before I'm Gone Freestyle"

She say she like swag ugh
I got a trendy edge
And I could walk all over her but I'ma gently tread

She give brain but somehow she got an empty head
Man I spent too many nights in this empty bed
She said she got a man he's always in and out of jail

She say he's shooting stars, I wish him well
He's on my case he wanna know if I'm lipsing his girl
I tell him no but that's only cause I don't kiss and tell

I'm on one I got pretty Nicki on my left
She know the rules anywhere but hickeys on the neck
Yeah we could find a room

But just for the record
She in my boat I'm gonna give her dickie on the deck
They say after we sleep together I act really distant

Or maybe if you made me wait it would be really different
Or maybe not I be making gwop
And I can help you make some too man just break me off

I'm with Money, Skiz and Ham discussing my future
Cause the word is I'm the best I live up to the rumour
Reece died I decided I ain't touching a scooter

I'm doin 90 in the S double clutching the Cooper
I live for the moment
I killed my competition and I give my condolence

Got bars, got flow, got the image on lock
The only thing I'm lacking is a bit of promotion, word
No question I'm the hardest out

Swag lookin like they got the $#&@in red carpet out
And man I ain't even tried I believe I can fly
Your girl tells me I'm the man and she has no need to lie

I'm in my zone, hear my tone
I'm moving yay and it ain't jigga till the day I get the throne
But the time I can't estimate

And all these stairs do is make a ^!$$% escalate.

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