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Yung Ro : Who Is The Realest lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Who Is The Realest"

Pain-pain, and I'm the realest mother$#&@er breathing

[Yung Ro]
I will $#&@ing promise God, that I would give him my best
Got off my knees and took the proof, to get some %#@! off my chest

Now I don't sleep too much, I was born to grind
So much to do I'm always late, but they ain't got enough time
But I gotta go, got a call for a show

Plus I got a in-sto', they say my cd running low no
G'yeah, y'all can't understand my structure
I am a conductor, mother$#&@ ya

Just open your eyes, I'll show the facts
With no proof but in the booth, I'm so relaxed g'yeah
How that sound, me lose

I'm a ignant @@#!y dude, that keeps some'ing to prove
You got some'ing to prove, well $#&@ it call the boy out
I be ready no doubt, er-a what you talking bout

Yung Ro, my big bro J-Mack

Until the Clip is Empty, do you like the sound of that

Bu-busting ^!$$%s heads, just to make em pay attention
Tried to tell him not to $#&@ with me, he wouldn't listen
But, me not scared to go to war

Look at this face, you see my scar mother$#&@er
I'm smoking weed, to take the pain away
Pain don't never go away, pain stay so Yung Ro pray

Uh, ^!$$% I'm on another level
Trying to get my life right, slap boxing the devil
And when I was a child, he use to get the best of me

Took what was left in me, then I made myself love me
Nobody, the realest rapper alive
Lord knows how hard I try, who the realest

Yeah, they call me Mr. Pain around this (*##$

Know a ^!$$% did a movie named Pain
On my next underground, I'll be like pain ^!$$%
Yeah, who don't feel pain

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