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Yung Ro lyrics : "What You Know About Pain"

Yung Ro, dig these blues black
One hundred, you gotta do ya math you know I'm saying

Some ^!$$%z just don't add up, some %#@! just don't add up
Keep your math straight, look

[Yung Ro:]
Now where I come from you never know, what these people up to
Do the math on my life, and see what it equals up to

No cash plus my situation, equaled that
And that plus access to guns, equalled that
Now multiply that, times the power of greed

Pain on my mind, plus killa $$# weed
Now you see I'm dealing with, $#&@ed up mathematics
Adding up negatives, blindly subtracting

But something gotta change, cause I'm striving and struggling
Could be a magician, you see these problems I'm juggling
It's hard but I'm thugging, I'ma do it to my grave

Third Coast born, and I'm Texas raised
I got Texas ways, cause I'm a ^!$$% bout my cash
By any mean necessary, plus I need it fast

Put a bullet in your $$#, if it's for the right price
A calm ^!$$% in the day, a cold killer at night
And it ain't right I know it, but a ^!$$% gotta eat

And it's the same for me, that's why I'm packing my heat
But I bet you won't get to, your stash for your piece
Cause when I catch you I'ma let you, have it in your teeth

And I don't really ever think, you ^!$$%z heard of my kind
Cause I don't really think you know, that I got murder on my mind
And most rappers name theyself, the streets gave me my name

Call me Mr. Nobody, $#&@ that Mr. Pain


Ha, you ^!$$%z ain't ready for the real (scared of the real)
I'm coming (^!$$%z scared of the real), beware
Nobody, you can't be what you can't see

(It's the real), ^!$$%z scared of the real
They fold under pressure, if they felt the pain I feel
What you know about pain ^!$$%, what you know about pain

(The real), ^!$$%z scared of the real
They fold under pressure, if they felt the pain I feel
What you know about pain, what you know about pain

[Yung Ro:]
You better back-back, pay attention Ro will hurt ya

And I don't $#&@ with newcomers, keep my love in a circle
Cause see I know my situation, and the way it got me thinking
And you worse off then me, it ain't no telling what you thinking

But if you try to $#&@ me, I'ma be the first to attack
In silence, cause I ain't got roo, for another stab in my back
My ^!$$% pain hurts, and you can tell it when I bleed

The blood coming out my wounds, says hate jealousy and greed
Dear Lord, look what they doing to your soldier down here
Believe in faith in the sky, but hope is over down here

We blowing doja down here, we ain't sober down here
Young ^!$$%z too, we all looking older down here
We way colder down here, you can make it a bet

Stick out like a true sherm head, after it take it's effect
Zombies, shermed out off wet
Dip it light it inhale it, one hell of a cause and effect

And when ^!$$%z need cash, you better lock your do's
Get a gun mother$#&@er, if you can't get fold
Cause ain't no love in these streets, these boys wired up

No loyalty no love, they just don't give a $#&@

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