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Yung Ro : Searching 4 An Angel lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Searching 4 An Angel"

Yeah, tried to get into my idealistic side
Pain you know, still searching you know

I'm feeling the vibe, you know
I guess I'm like, every other person
Searching for that woman, that you ever saw again

But rarely attain, I think I found her though


(gotta find me an angel), but ain't no angels on Earth
So I'ma ride this thang out, and play the game for what it's worth
(gott find me an angel), there ain't no angels on Earth

Why bother to search, when hope to finds a gift and a curse
(gotta find me an angel), I know you ain't far away
If you I could just talk to you, so many things I'd say

(gotta find me an angel), you were my first girlfriend
Still got that crazy crush on you, don't want this thang to end

[Yung Ro:]
I had a crush on you since eight, I always liked you
But I never knew the right words to speak to, or write you

You had me rocking a flat top, to impress you boo
Kriss-Kross flip my pants backwards, made you think I was cool
When I was eleven, I grew courage, to step and hug you

But grown men and even lil' kids, all loved you
Mama told me not to kiss you, but she ain't want me to rap
And the only thing that I loved, it wasn't loving me back

It wasn't a thing I couldn't tell you, or confess to you
And I'd destroy any ^!$$%, trying to get to next to you
I was jealous watching you, giving it all I had

Even though that piece of paper and a dream, was all I had
One day you gave me a chance, and let a nobody speak
In return you made every man that I met, respect me

You got a perfect memory, my words stuck in your head
And I just love to see they face, when you repeat what I said
You make me feel better bout myself, I didn't want you to stop it

You took me when I was depressed, without a dime in my pocket
Then you gave me a profit, and switched up the scenery
Now people wanna work with me, and they not being mean to me

But it's not what it seem to be, cause Keisha and Trina be
All in my face for greenery, I just wanted her sing for me
Now we done came this far, I never wanted to hurt you

But me and you together, done created a bad circle
You know the fast life, your chance for riches and spending
Groupies would change your whole perspective, judging (*##$es and women

A sudden glitch in the system, oh how I miss the beginning
Switching to sinning, I pray to only get to the ending
I guess the game got me cold hearted, avenging with fly aggression

With a shield scared to trust, money power for my protection
Got a passion for purpose, so now I'm stressing I'm tired
Tell Mack I'm resting I'm tired, with my success steady rising

I gotta meet with so and so, pack up hit the road and go
And people wanna know the difference, between Yung Ro and Beau
How his first acting role, he just came so real

Easy Beau had cut, Ro felt that pain for real
(gotta find me an angel), I looked at music like a (*##$
Cause she with a lot of rappers, cause they say that they rich

(gotta find me an angel), to tell you the truth
Music I wrote in this song, just to say $#&@ you
(gotta find me an angel), I looked at music like a (*##$

Cause she with a lot of rappers, cause they say that they rich
(gotta find me an angel), and the ones that told the truth
She denied em so music, $#&@ you g'eah

You know everybody, need somebody you know

Sometimes you lie, when you feel you got nobody
G'eah, huh nobody g'eah

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