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Yung Ro : Punished 4 Hard Livin lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Punished 4 Hard Livin"

The Bible say we all equal, we the same in the end
So when you $#&@in with Yung Ro, then Nobody gone win
So here I am, full of pain, with a mic in my hand

I sacrafice the truth to let you know Nobody'll understand
And if I'm judged as a man, for this Nobody life style
I hope they don't forget to mention, all the laughs and smiles

But don't cry for Yung Ro, Cause I'm on anothe roll
Where it started, where it ends, my ^!$$% Nobody knows
I'm destined to shine, punk ^!$$%, don't fool yourself

And if you get hot from the truth you betta cool yourself
Cause I'ma young master mind, how the $#&@ you figure?
(*##$ I'll $#&@ you up in public and laugh at you foolish ^!$$%z

Take heed to what I'm sayin, only them covers cartoons
See most rappers - got war stories, Yung Ro got war wounds
And I ain't even - TRYIN to plex

I'm only - TRYIN to stress
But you betta - REMIND yourself
^!$$% that - I'm the best

And you just might - FIND yourself
Lookin for some - KIND of help
That your ^!$$% done got pissed

Now bullets - FLYING through your chest
Yung Ro an ignorant fed mutha$#&@er

But the way I spit it, you can't touch it
Only due to my structure
And I was told on this road, they wanna go and kill me

I'm like the wind, you can't see me
But when I flow, you feel me
Can you hear me?

^!$$% this goes on, like I said too much
And if you $#&@ with Nobody, Nobody will $#&@ ya up
It's Color Change, Paid In Full, ^!$$% let it be known

And if you $#&@ with Nobody, Nobody will $#&@ ya up
It's Color Change, Paid In Full, ^!$$% let it be known
And if you $#&@ with Nobody, Nobody will $#&@ ya up

It's Color Change, Paid In Full, ^!$$% let it be known
And I'ma ride for my ^!$$%z, until the day that I'm gone
My nuts - are way bigger, my team - is way stronger

My boss money's on my mind right, ^!$$% I'm on ya
And if you consider competition, you betta get on your %#@!

Cause soon as they give me a chance, I'ma run this (*##$
Nobooody - Grab your heat and put your gun up
Put some pistols on they $$# and make 'em walk like Ronald

[Laughs] And I don't do gangsta rap
I spit raw Nobody %#@!, now how gangsta is that?
I'm a man, and I ain't never had my nuts taken from me

And I'm no where to be found, if you (*##$es lookin for me
I be anxious aiming lookin through my peep hole dumpin
Punk (*##$, I see %#@!, just like Neo comin

Plus protected by God's sheild, and I'm driven by God's will
And I know that God's real, but it's so hard to chill
When snake ^!$$%z get scared, they build they hate then they swarm

I don't wanna use what God gave me, to inflict no harm
^!$$%z what I bring will be pain, and way worse then a bullet
And I've been itchin, anxious, so stressed, that I'm ready to pull it

And you don't want them thangs burnin the blood in your artiries
All that bumpin don't bother me, You'll be in jail for robbery
This is what the streets made me, thinkin about God daily

Plus the struggle made me stronger and at the same time crazy
I'm havin bad dreams my ^!$$%, and I don't understand them
I wake up crying and confused and write a Nobody Anthem

Can you fakers here me spittin, think this %#@!'s so easy
How many ways can I say it's $#&@ed up for someone to believe me
I'm in need of a miricle, they feelin me lyrical

Scared of my physical, and so lost spiritual
I can't explain what I know, how I know it and why
I'm pretty sure it'll all make sense when I lay down and die

But for now, I'm gettin $#&@ed up, runnin the streets with my killers
I got -THUG LOVE- for my Nobody ^!$$%z!

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