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Yung Ro : No No No lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "No No No"

G-g'eah, g-g'eah
G-g-g-g-g'eah, nope

[Yung Ro:]
Got that poppy, I'm at the top I'm one

You're not you're dumb, slow daddy ay watch it son
Before I @@#! back the banger, and pop the gun
Have your moms like, not my son (no no no)

Ay I get real serious, about my currency dude
$#&@ you up, and send you straight to the emergency room
Have your people waiting on the doctor, hoping you get well soon

But when he come out that room, he like (no no no)
That mean he didn't make it, they like why the violence
(*##$ this organized crime, and we move in silence

So when you think you got away, and the coast is clear
The ghost is here, Nobody (no no no)
Ay say don't try that, we don't like that here

We hype like g'eah, live life like g'eah it's like that here
Don't talk to police, bet not talk to them people
I'm like officer I got amnesia, (no no no)

And I'm digging in your broad, and she loving the meat
Got her moaning screaming twisting loud, hugging the sheets
Oooh, she love daddy cause he $#&@ her right

What's my name, she stutter like (no no no)


Nobody (*##$, it go down
I got my ^!$$% in here with me, (Killa)
G'eah it go down (yeah yeah g'eah

I'm up in here mayn), say Killa
(Ay ay ay) kill these ^!$$%z man (ay ay ay ay)

I'm a pimp, Kyleon put (*##$es in they place
I make em walk that track, or put stitches in they face

$#&@ a pimp cup, cause I can't stick it in my waist
Pull it out @@#! it, then stick it in your face
Love getting money, so I can stick it in the safe

And I ain't finna stop, until it's a mill ticket in the safe
So give me that ounce give me that brick, give me that drank give me that

Try to make a move and run ^!$$%, (no no no)
I keep bullets for you, and them ^!$$%z you hanging with

You $#&@ around, you'll be the new Color Changin' Click
You'll be the next turkey, with gun powder stuffed and in your body
You ain't $#&@ing with Kyleon, you ain't $#&@ing with (Nobody)

Y'all cake $$# ^!$$%z, must be out of your mind
Don't make the nine pop, and bust some'ing out of your mind
You mother$#&@ers out of line, cause you suck to me

Even if rap was a threesome, you still couldn't $#&@ with me naw


G'eah (Nobody), Nobody ^!$$%
It go down mayn, ay Kyleon man
I appreciate you coming through, $#&@ing with your people huh

Speaking of my people man, I got my ^!$$% Felon
(I'm right here ^!$$%) bet that let's do this

I spit flames, like pyros
That'll get you high lifted, like cheifing on hydro

^!$$%, I'm nice with the blody blow
While you dudes spit, trolly flows
And that's a, no no no

Even seen poke yo hoe, stro' post though
Bending and rolled, I'm filling the do the whip and the fo'
And you know what it is, it's like (no no no)

^!$$%, you not up to par
We not at the bar, we pouring bar
Hoes be like what the $#&@, you slurring for

I'm like hold up trick, that's a (no no no)
(*##$, don't make wipe you down
Just get in the truck, and let me pipe you down

Pass you round, then drive past you clown
Now she thinking like, (no no no)

G'eah that there, that was my ^!$$% Marvo

AKA Felon, AKA Mic Burner, AKA Nobody
AKA I'll Break Yo Face If You $#&@ With Me
G'eah and we doing it in here man, big g'eah

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