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Yung Ro : I Say What I Say lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "I Say What I Say"

[Bridge x4]
NoBooody, NoBooody, NoBooody, ^!$$%

[Yung Ro]
They say I walk around like I got some plex on my chest
Naw that's just God walkin with me with this X on my chest

Trying not to say nuthin, other rappers might take the wrong way
But they ain't never worked out, so I just say what I say
You know me, I'll cuss ya, piss ya off, then bust ya

You ain't Paid in Full or Nobody? Homey then $#&@ ya
I'm Yung Ro dawg, I ain't a ho dawg
Welcome to Nobody land, open the door dawg

I got the Uzi clip, and now the Uzi's rippin
I'm on another road homey, this ain't a loosin mission
I gotta play, MJ, cause I ain't choosin Pippen

I'm prayin and keepin faith that you just truely wishin
I'm in my Chuck Tee's, and Twin is in his ?? slippers
I done diss more ^!$$%z then bouggey (*##$es

I'm $#&@in groupie (*##$es, Gettin hot with my heater
I'm so ignorant and @@#!y, over taxin for features

First they playin games with me, Now they actin scary
I snatched the word "Nobody" out cha vocabulary
Don't believe me? ^!$$%! Just watch and see

Listen to your songs and see how much you talkin bout me
They say "Nobody's Real" "Nobody takin my chedda"
Nate Dogg gotta song that say "Nobody does it betta"

Now see how many ^!$$%z screamin me?
No who gotta bigger promotion team then me?

And I'm Screamin - NOOOBOOODY
Now who yall ^!$$%z $#&@in with?
Say it loud! - NOOOBOOODY!

Mutha $#&@a! I got nothin to prove
Rappers respect me and just respect the numbers you move

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