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Yung Ro : Head Turner lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Head Turner"

Come on mayn huuuh, head turner
Geah feel it, I turn mother$#&@ing heads

When I walk in, I don't know about you

[Hook: x4]

Swisha sweet burner, big face earner
Boy I's, a $#&@ing head turner

[Big Pluck:]
Swinging in the Benz, swinging through the lot
Fo' ^!$$%z in the back, bout to punch the roof out

Getting crunk then thoed, Nobody through the do'
Big Pluck I represent it, (*##$ you already know
^!$$%z get mad, and wanna knock me like a do'

^!$$% don't get mad, cause a fat ^!$$% took your hoe
She's not your dame though, she's your main hoe
I chunked the deuce, and took your (*##$ to Shanango

(*##$ turn your head, when you see a head turner
I got your (*##$ deep throating, sucking she's a head turner
So I'ma go ahead and turn her, into a freak a head hunter

I got her neck her hair done on my nuts, and my bed's gonna
Break soon like boom, I got my camera on zoom
Don't disturb me I'm in my room, Yung Ro coming soon

[Yung Ro:]
Here I am the one and only, pimptastic with tenderonies

Got em regretting what they did, compared to how long they know me my homie
See you can't clone me, you only wanna cut she lonely
I $#&@ her tell her to phone me, then $#&@ em my number's phony

But if I tell her to turn her head, and I get a light turn up
I'm subject to might turn up, and flip into Ike Turner
I'm a head turner, big faces counting these heads turning

Now these boppers heads turning, smiling at me my head turning
Head burning chest burning, cause I'm feeling this X
(*##$es looking for me in a Lac, but I'm still in a Lex

I'm still with the Flex, D. Black, B. Booker ain't late
We reminiscing and listening, to karaoke tapes
Life is great I thank the Lord, when I get out my bed

Even hoes who don't know me, curious could I turn so many heads
Like who is he Yung Ro, oh that dude that rhyme tight
And automatically they hooked, mesmerized by the limelight I'm a head

Turner baby

[Hook x4]

I'm a head turner, because these hoes love the whip

My game's a overdose, and that's why hoes love the Sipp
And boy, I's a fly smooth talking goon sparking
These bops flock, when they see me in the Platoon parking

They see the car and think MJ, that's just the shoes talking
I'm on 23's, but look like the rims is moon walking
My car's a tomboy, (*##$ she wears skirts and shoes

But if you touch her, man I'ma have to hurt you dudes
Look how they stare and %#@!, this is what I gotta bare with
She kissing on me, damn girl you $#&@ing up my velvet

But she's on this one man thang, but can't get one man brain
But she know that I can $#&@, like a one man train
I know you going hard on me, want my dicks and air

But your job is done ma, now go fix your hair
This is for my thugs, who let they bumper drag down the break
You ain't got no candy on your car, that's a flag on the plate

[L. Dogg:]
Well I jump out the six grinning, hating ^!$$%z can't stand it

I'm in a car that look like something, that came from a different planet
I got a jet, that gets me to L.A. in twelve minutes
And I'm young but got money, long as a rapist jail sentence

You can call me the hardest, the rap game land lord
Them boys rapping bout Jags, but driving '92 Fords
And I'm the head turning, y'all boys ain't messing with me

I'm getting Paid In Full, y'all making cents like 50
And I dare y'all to label me, as a commercial rapper
Piss my little $$# off, and I bet you I hurt a rapper

Shotgun in the trunk, 22 under the seat
And Sprewells on the Benz, 22's under the Jeep
And I'm the rawest ^!$$% rapping, on these underground tapes
I'm trying to handle more weight, and put candles on a cake
And I turn heads, with the big heads I earn

Just call me neck and shoulders, cause I'm the reason heads turn

[Hook x4]

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