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Yung Ro : Gotz To Be A G lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Gotz To Be A G"

Yeah, we back ^!$$%
Lil' Flipper, Yung Ro, Chamillionaire

This how it go, ha-ha
We still doing this mixtape %#@! ^!$$%
Yeah uh, B.G. Duke up in this (*##$, look

[Lil' Flip]
I'ma be a G, until the day that I die

Everyday you see me, ^!$$% I'll be high
I'm smoking on that hays, use to smoke on that regular
Now ^!$$%z mad, I'm a hitter the competitors

On another level, yellow rocks all in my $#&@ing bezel
^!$$% they causing trouble, you wan' tangle with the devil
I'm rolling with my glocks, I ain't $#&@ing with the cops

But I'm busting $#&@ing shots, cause they don't give me props
They know me on the East, they know me on the West
Even when I'm in my hood, I still gotta wear my vest

^!$$%z they wanna test, cause they album was a mess
But when I step out I go to the club, they hoes impressed
They like the way I dress, and they like the shoes I buy

They know everytime they see Flip, he gon be fly
Got the Mikey D's jersey, got my name on the back
Even they caught cases, we got caine in the Lac

We gon hustle till we broke, we ain't broke because we hustle
^!$$%z claim they in they in the streets, but they know I got that muscle
But a ^!$$% use to struggle, now a ^!$$% doing good

I'm like the Diplomats, what's really good hood


Got to be a G, to the day that I die
Got to be a G, to the day that I die
All my boys real, to the day that I die

Got to be a G, to the day that I die
Got to be a G, to the day that I die
All my boys real, to the day that I die

All them boys real, I'm a G
All them boys real, I'm a G

[Yung Ro]
It feel good to be me, because I shine everyday
Wake up and then I pray, and thank the Lord for this day

A new day means hope, another chance to get it
I got the mind of a G, so I plan to get it
Plan to split it, divide it where it's 'spose to go

Stack it up and share with the ones, close to Ro
That's how it's 'spose to go, well at least I speak for me
But if you feel me nod your head, cause I also speak for G's

Real ^!$$%z who want hundred, playas guys and gent's
And we a dying breed, think it's like five percent
I's a pimp, on ro-do and mind's a scent

From a place under water, so my eyes are squinched
But nevermind that, just pour me up two cups of liquor
Jump down so you could sip a, skeet taste with Koopa and Flipper

And your boy Yung Ro, teach you how to fold bread
To my ^!$$%z on lock, stay smart hold your head
I'm rolling heads, while rolling red down the block

Trunk unlock trunk pop, trunk knock @@#! stop
Drop bops flop, looking at me while I do my thang

Switching lanes holding grain, pushing caine hold up mayn
I'm a G peep my style, how I called it how I feel
Mack P, Koopa, Flip, Twin all them boys real

And all them boys feel, yeah the same way as me
Real recognize real, I swear to you I'm a G

Ha, real recognize real I swear to you I'm a G


[Lil' Flip]
I'm the realest of the real, I'm the trillest of the trill

^!$$% $#&@ around with me, I'ma have to show the steel
I'ma have to show my skills, let these (*##$ ^!$$%z know
That these snitch ^!$$%z know, Lil' Flip run the show

You can open up for me, ^!$$% I'm the headliner
$#&@ around with ^!$$%z, who always get ##&*%$
You tricking your do', we never licking em low
^!$$% you rolling and picking, ^!$$% I'm picking them hoes
We got (*##$es on every coast, (*##$es in every state

^!$$%z talk %#@!, but they gon up on Ricki Lake
Broke rapper no deal, no skills stay broke
Mo'$#&@ers smoking regular weed, we got that good dro
I'm a $#&@ing hood ^!$$%, bad ^!$$% good ^!$$%
AK-47, chopper made of wood ^!$$%

It's understood ^!$$%, we ride candy ^!$$%
In every state, all these ^!$$%z wanna ban me ^!$$%
I got they (*##$es number, in my phone yeah (*##$
You know I got a $#&@ing story, I'ma tell (*##$
I got a brick to sell, I got a click in jail

And when they get out, I got them ^!$$%z getting my mail
Tipping the scales, we above the law
Like Steven Segal, ^!$$%z fake like Ru Paul
The way that I ball, the dro that I buy it's the best %#@!
I never step out the house, without my vest (*##$

I got my glock on my lap, got my mind on my money
Got these (*##$ ^!$$%z broke rappers, trying to $#&@ with Johnny
But they can't, get the pink rocks yellow rocks
Blue rocks, ^!$$%z do shows and $#&@ with the cops
But I ain't doing that %#@!, I got my own team
Oh you going away, (*##$ I'm the home team

I got my own %#@!, I got my own click
I know I $#&@ed your gal, yep I got my own (*##$
I'm just a playa like Hef, I'm just jazzy like Jeff
I got stripes like the ref, these ^!$$% lie but they deaf
They can't hear what I'm saying, these ^!$$%z think that I'm playing
Now their bodies decaying, when I'm bucking and spraying
Me and Will don't play, we got scrill everyday

We blow kill everyday, biatch



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