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Yung Ro : Feels Good To Be A lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Feels Good To Be A"

Yeah, Slim Thugger
Yung Ro, Color Changin' Click

Boss Hogg Outlawz, Paid In Full
Boyz-N-Blue, damn it feels good to be a gangsta yeah

[Slim Thug]
Damn it feel good, to be a gangsta
A young ghetto superstar, on the block

All the kids in the hood, look up to the Boss
Cause they see me, with the ice and the drops
I'm the one ^!$$%z call, when %#@! jump off

Cause they know I'm never scared, to blast
And if you talk down, on my side or my hood
I'm quick to put a hole, in your $$#

O.G. Slim Thugger's, what they call me
All the young G's, give me they respect
Cause I made it out the hood, and a ^!$$% living good

But I still, look out for my set
All the chicks, wanna be in my presence
Just to witness all the riches, and the power

They never seen a young teen, grow up to be a king
Getting what they make in a year, in a hour
All the while, I don't let the cash impress me

Cause I've been a young hustler, from the start
It's just all my hard work, slowly paying off
Cause God knows, I'm a hustler in the heart

See I never let the money, or fame change me
You can still catch Slim, in the streets
And even though I rap now, still keep a strap now

Tucked up, under the seat
So all I gotta say, to you wanna-be gonna-be
Dick sucking, mother$#&@ing prankstas

When the %#@! goes down, what the $#&@ you gon do
Damn it feels good, to be a gangsta

Yeah, we take pride in what we do
And personally I'd like to describe myself, as a nobody though

You feel me, I don't give a $#&@ what you do my ^!$$%
Whatever you do take pride in it you feel me, feel good

[Yung Ro]
Damn it feel good, to be a nobody
Well respected, you can call me Yung Ro

You see my name ring bells, from movies to doing flows
But I still, got so far to go
So I keep on grinding, with my head up

And realize, I done came a long way
But my mind's on the future, and my future's unpredictable
I can't stay crunk, about today

So behind all the fame, and the lime light
I'm bout bidness, everyday of the week
Cause I got people depending on me, and they can't understand

How I can come home, without food to eat
But when I'm grinding, and I'm tired of it all
Telling God I'm sick and tired, of this place

It ain't a feeling in this world, that can compare to the look
Of appreciation, on my mama's face
So I hold it down, for my T. Lady

My kin folk, and my ^!$$%z on the block
Right boogie when I can, and send 'em words of inspiration
Cause I know, it get hard on lock

So when I come to your city, doing shows mayn
Show love, when you see me fall through
Just holla nobody, and I swear I'll holla back

Cause that's how, real nobody's do
Now throw your set in the air, if you gang bang
Affiliated, or just love the hood

Could give a $#&@ where you from, if you real it's one hundred
That's my word homie, it's all good
So when you hear me on a song, screaming nobody

You gotta know what it mean, to be a nobody
To say nobody, huh g'yeah
Damn it feel good, to be a nobody

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