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Yung Ro : Da Darkside lyrics

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Yung Ro lyrics : "Da Darkside"

Try to help em understand, Pain the underground
What happens yeah, street %#@! ^!$$%

Where my street ^!$$%z at, you wondering why wait up


Ain't no sunshine, when she's gone
It's not warm, when she's away
Ain't no sunshine, when she's gone

And she's always, gone too long
Anytime, she goes away

[Yung Ro:]
And I've been searching, for your love
In desperate need of your warmth, say heaven I need a hug

Cause on the darkside, it's cold we sinning
So cold it's a damn shame, I think it froze my feelings
Now I'm a numb ^!$$%, started off as mama's boy

The baby boy but the game shady boy, I hate it boy
Ain't seen love, since mama rocked me to sleep
Standing on the block and the streets, with killers @@#!ing they heat

Yeah, and they plotting to creep
Watching your feet, move wrong and they'll rock you to sleep
But ain't no lulibys, when the pistol sing to ya

Nothing but drama and plex, what these vilians bring to ya
Can't say I'm innocent, and all this bull%#@!
Cause since mama left me, I been riding with a full clip

It's kill or be killed, get real or get drilled
Or stay the $#&@ out of the streets, play your part and sit still ^!$$%


[Yung Ro:]

I wrote this second verse, to get your mind right
Cause way before the limelight, I been doing crimes right
Just some background info, for those who curious

Rose a period, nothing after me and I'm serious
So don't make me, make you one of my victims
Cause you can't find that mother$#&@er, if I say I'm gon get him

Cause I'm gon get him and they gon get him, and put him on a stretcher
Yes sir you can bet ya, dollar I'll catch ya
And you won't see it coming, cause I'm a pro

Times hard, and for the right price you gotta go so
Be careful, when you strolling on my darkside
Cause when you battling a best, you gotta have your heart right

And it's the same for me, but peep what I keep baby
My 3-80, %#@! the streets made me
So you can judge a ^!$$%, but you can't budge a ^!$$%

And it's nobody ^!$$%, cause nobody love a ^!$$% like that


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