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YUNG RELL : So Stupid lyrics

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YUNG RELL lyrics : "So Stupid"

Evrytime I spit on a track, its annihilation
If hip hop died, then I'm its salvation
I get my clothes outta store, you get clothes from salvation

I respect da love I get, an' I don't allow hatin
The crowd's waitin for me to perform
Get it live from 8 p.m. till about 3 in da morn

Lil homie best believed that you warned
If you a cold spitter, imma keep blowin off that heat till you warm
Im hot as da devil, but I won't be seen wit some horns

I'm so hot that I be spendin hella weeks in tha core
Call up DYFS cuz you about to get beat till you sore
Your face'll meet my Polo Boots, I'll leave your teeth on tha floor

Imma hustla, you know tht I ball
I got my pants sagging, I don't care if you damn [email protected]$)gots notice my draws
My heart's made of stone an' my blood's colder than frost

Im too much for you, yall ^!$$%z can't cope this at all
I'm richer than half your team, slicker than Vaseline
Got chips like a snack machine, you wish you had half my cream

Listen my raps are mean, I'm spittin dis crack to fiends
I'll flip you like trampolines, you ^!$$%s are [email protected]$)got teens
It's my time to shine so I'm back on my hustle

I got the champ's belt, an' I'll whip your $$# wit da buckle
Nevermind, I'd rather smack you wit da back of my knuckles
Im too clean, an' since you ^!$$%z trash I'mma dump you

I got my money all in da air, it looks like I'm reef blowin
As long as da beat's goin then Imma keep flowin
I keep flossin, I keep bossin, ya'll keep hopin

That Imma drown under water, but I keep floatin
So Stupid, is how yall haters look

When yall be rappin actin like yall some major crooks
You brave to rap on tha streets, but on stage you shook
So don't step to me becuz your soul may get took [2x]

You won't breathe when Im done rippin your lung tissues
When I come get you, Im not trynna have some fun wit u

I'll air you till Im done wit you
You mad cuz after your chick swallows my kids she would go home an' tongue kiss you
I got more heat than a oven, I keep tha fire burning

Get taught a lesson on my level an' call it higher learning
Imma big beast, you more like a tiny vermin
Ever since I stepped foot on da scene all you [email protected]()s were nervous

All my songs are sour, I don't keep'em sweet
Your body'll be covered in dust, soon as I sweep these streets
You'll always stay on da bottom, you will never reach the peak

The only time I'm eatin' vegetables is when I'm eatin' beats
Im not a fake gangsta rapper, dis paper's what I'm chasin after
You think I'm not on your level please I done made it past ya

Any dude trynna stand tall, please, I'll straight collapse ya
I'll get your sorry $$# a funeral, so who's your favorite pasture

Chorus [2x]

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