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YUNG NATION lyrics : "Triple D Fair Day"

[Intro:B. Reed]
uh huh, tha Paper has come (SKURR)
i got 2 fair tickets left

who wanna go? (REAL SKURR!)

[Verse 1: B. Reed]

I was by da ferris wheel (UH HUH)
munchin on a funnel cake (MUNCHINNN)
thats when I seen my ^!$$% T-Ray (WHAT'S UP)

posted by da front gate (AYE AYE)
then I thought ta myself....wait (HOLD ON)
we aint in tha same school district (UGH UHH)

thats when tha story got twisted
I thought this %#@! was restricted (IT IS)
and guess who just pulled up...(WHO?)

Lynch Mob from tha AGG (DAMM!)
and next came Ski-Mask (OH NO!)
it got nupid real fast (REAL SKURR!)

them law boys outside (UH HUH)
so is Channel 4 news cast (GIVE EM A BREAK)
so you might wanna watch ya back (AAHHHHHHHAAA)

they'll swing you round by ya shag

[Verse 2:Lil' Faime]

I was in tha consession stand (WHO WAS)
eatin on a turkey leg (WHO SORRY)
them boys in YG they'll take tha snapbacks off ya head (GIVE IT HERE)

don't ask nobody where ta go (UGH UHHH)
just use yo GPS (THERE'S ROUTES)
park anywhere on tha fairgrounds

but don't park at CVS!!! (NO WAYYY)
and if you park in tha back (WHAT?)
I hope you have you a vest (SORRRYYY)

dont make a right on MLK cuz y'all ^!$$%s not guests (44)
dey'll leave you out on tha stretch (POW)
shoot ya head, arm (POW) leg, neck (POW)

that South Dallas 44 you boys betta come correct (UH HUH)
(iYESS) Triple D Fair Day (Triple DDD)
its a whole buncha air play (POW)

theres no way (POW) ta escape (POW) cuz theres only a 1 way (UH HUH)
don't get caught behind them gates (NOPE)
especially after 8 (8:30)

you might just catch a case (YEA)
or have a body full of mase
I swear ta God it aint safe

on Triple D Fair Day (Triple DDD)
bout 20 ^!$$%s hoppin gates
folks pullin pistols off they waist

I saw a old lady get chased (NOOOOO)
wit an all silver .38 (HELP MEEE)
on Triple D Fair Day (Triple DDD) Triple D Fair Day

[Verse 3:B. Reed]
Later on that night...

I was with tha Grambling and PV Band (BOOM)
half time, I'm with tha fans (HORRAY)
just club rockin in tha stands (HORRAY)

open up tha fair park (SKURR)
let in tha Nation van (SKURR)
don't try ta act tuff yung man (UGH UHH)

you'll get popped like a soda can (POP POP)
and if its just over aye (WHAT)
you might wanna change ya plans (BRING YA SCHEDULE)

and all these gangs out here (UH HUH)
you would think this %#@! was Gangland (UH HUH)
and I seen ya girl peepin me (YESSIR)

all tha way from tha consession stand (SKURR)
and she was tryna hold my hand (SKURR)
while she was next ta her man (HAHA)


[Outro:Lil' Faime]

I aint' even gon rap ta ya
I'ma tell you, somethin real, right now man
and I dont even usually dew dis

but Triple D fair Day, don't go
stay home, watch tv, chill with tha fam
you know enjoy life, because its not safe
its just not, tha fair anymore, I mean...
thats just what I thank......SKURR

I gotta help tha people, don't hate - appreciate!
NATION!!!!!!!!!!!! SKURR!!!!!!!!!!
don't go ta fair day, nope don't go ta fair day
nope don't go ta fair day, cuz its too much air play
if you aint gotta vest you aint gon' make it

a bullet can you uh..take it?
they'll leave you runnin down South Dallas lookin...
butt naked, aww man
they take ya girl purse (WHOAAA)
wake up and nurse (WHOAAA)

they'll hit you, where it hurt
lay you down in tha dirt
thats when life is gettin worse (DAMM)

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