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YUNG JOEY FT. WAKA FLOCKA lyrics : "Go Hard"

Flow like Mc's them faces in ..
When them crackers is tryin
..monopoly man

New money new year
We gonna keep doing the %#@!
So give me the movement and get real ..

Work can be an ordinary so i go hard

Motivated to ordinary so i go hard
I gotta ..so i go hard
Then you broke what all your chicks sayin so i go hard

That's why i work work work work ?

Friends buying over money that i earn

So f*cking .. Mary Jane bar
Never really rushed it back em with the turn
Never might in them in box never ^!$$% ..i'ma stuck it

I got that %#@! poppin yeah
Create a bus for myself drop the mixtape at the mixtape
Single after single ..runnnin in the street

F*ck the ..n ym own dick i aint' got dollar
Now people got their hadn out
What a f*ck i got your hand out

i ain't get your hand out


Fly like most ^!$$%s i call friends ain't really
They could give a f*ck if i'm there on .. really

more like a seas them faces in them ..
When the crackers is tryin to ..with that ruff ..
If you was there to share my ..

i promise you gonna see nothing when you ..
..23 ..my wheel my motor .. as a wheel
..I don't like how i feel

Tell em my mama ..help me become what i wanna be
Never give me the shrift ..i wanna be ..

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