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YUNG JOC : It's Goin' Down (Remix) lyrics

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YUNG JOC lyrics : "It's Goin' Down (Remix)"

(feat. Rick Ross, Slim Thugg, Diddy)

[Intro: Yung Joc, Lil'nitti]

Dis A Nitti Beat!...
You Know We Had Ta Remix Dis %#@!...
Play My %#@!!

[Verse 1: Yung Joc]
It's Yung Joc ^!$$% Here Ta Gitcha Lace

Take A Step Back Blow Da Weed In Ya Face
And I'm a Real Thug Dis A Remix
Rick Ross-Slim Thugg-Diddy Yea We In Dis

Oh %#@! I Fo'got My [email protected]%& Gat Gotta Take It With Me
Weak $$# Punks Sometime Try Da Hit Me
But Ts All Good And $#&@in' Crackin'

Turn On Goin' Down Dis (*##$ Up And Crackin'
Time For Remix You Dats How I Do
Ask Who I'm Talkin' To You ^!$$% You!


[Verse 2: Rick Ross]
It's Da Motha $#&@in' Boss
Yea It's Ricky Ross Neva Get Toss

And Neva Get Loss I Jus Smoke Weed
Tonic Can't Fa'get Boss
Da F.E.D.'s On My Trail I Don't Really Care

Pop A Couple Bottles Den I Tho' Em' In Da Air
Yea I'm Pretty Big Dey Call Me Huggy Bear
But Not Because I'm Big It's Cause I'm On Snair

Yea It's Ricky Ross But ^!$$% Don't Hate It
You Know Da Whole Just Let Da Chorus Say It


[Verse 3: Diddy]

Yea It's Ya Boy Diddy And I'm Finna Come With It
I Won't Bother Girl If Ya Give Me A Lil' Bitty
Came And Hit Em' With Da Left Den Hit Em' With Da Right

Had Ta Pick Em' Asked Him, "Is Ya Iight? "Don't Get Mad Pimp Keep It Cool
Press Play Yea Ya Know It's Commin' Soon
And I Won't Stop I Got Rocks'n'rings

You Know Da Same Size As A Boxin' Ring
Don't Cha Hear Da Doorbell Yea It Go "Ding! "
Hit Da Boy With Da Hook Er'body Go "Ding! "

Yea It's Been Fun But Dats All I Got Ta Say
Oct.17 Ey It's "Press Play"


[Verse 4: Slim Thugg]

Waddup It's Slim Thugg Yea He's Back
Come Up Rollin' In Da Candy Paint Dats A 'lac
Yea I'm Intact Buss Her In Da Crack

Smokin' On Da Crack Hell Naw My ^!$$%
It's Almost Fall Big Fall! My ^!$$%
Got My Tatto Shop Yea I'm Tattin' Em'

"Already Platinum"Yea It's Still Platinum
Straight Up Droppin' Em 64 Poppin' Em
Dem Cars Yea I'm Coppin' Em'

Yea Already Know But It's Time Fa Me Da Go
2nd Album Commin' So You Know I'm Finna Blow... !


[Verse 5: Yung Joc]

Bad Boy Entertainment Is Inda Buildin'
Yea We Buildin' A Whole Empire
Dey Know I'm Hot Know I'm On Fire

Ridin' 24's You Know Dats Coldman
I'm a Hotta Dan Boy I'm Talkin' "Richie Coleman"
I'm Not Cha Average Rapper I Really Go Big(Man)

Yea I'm Goin' Tap Ya If Ya Really Thick(Damn!)
Yea Ya Know It's Goin' Down Anywhere Ya Meet Me
Yea It's Goin' Down It Depends On How Ya Treat Me!


[Ontro: Yung Joc]
Yea ^!$$%... Bad Boy Is In Da $#&@in' Buildin'... Block Entertainment

Shout Out Ta My ^!$$% Took... Ha Ha I See Ya ^!$$% Holla... And I'm Out Dis (*##$

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