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YUNG JOC : Hustlenomic$ lyrics

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YUNG JOC lyrics : "Hustlenomic$"

[Yung Joc]
Alright boys and girls
You finally made it to the end of the album

I hope you learned somethin
But the best is yet to come

[Chorus One: Yung Joc]
Who would've imagined that life would be so good ^!$$%; now I'm on

Cause I'm tired of all the games ^!$$%; now I'm grown
Tell you what the game's missing; right from wrong
Respect game young ^!$$%, tell them haters so long

[Yung Joc]
You can call me Malcolm X, I hustle by any means

Take the blow, break it down, weigh it on triple beams
I'll cook it, I'll whip it, I'll ship it, I'll flip it
I'll rock 'til the mother$#&@in feds come knockin

The owner of the hand, I can be the middleman
Best if you don't know the man, I just tax an extra grand
I get you what'cha want we call that captain and the booker

Hustlenomic$ yeah I'll chop you one, I got it if you want it
I'm from the slums, and the sticks, turned crumbs, into bricks
Got a bum, full of knicks, gun full of hollow tips

And where I'm from we shared everything, we called it hand-me-downs
I implemented Hustlenomic$, pimp look at me now

[Chorus One]

[Chorus Two: Yung Joc]

I can show you how to hustle, show you how to hustle
Let me show you how to hustle (WELCOME TO HUSTLENOMIC$~!)
Let me show you how to hustle, show you how to hustle

I can show you how to hustle ^!$$% (WELCOME TO HUSTLENOMIC$)

Grab a number two pencil cause I'm 'bout to test ^!$$%z

This game about to drop, %#@! I'm 'bout to bless ^!$$%z
I tell 'em no cheating's allowed, eyes on your test ^!$$%
I graduated with honors cause see I was the best ^!$$%

Two plus two don't equal fo' in my world
Seventeen five get your $$# thirty-six o's of that girl
Okay class let's settle down (shhh) you better pay attention

Cause I bet the class clown end up in federal detention
And when I say detention I ain't talkin after school
Cause if you're slippin on your pimpin you'll be rockin county blues

Quit trickin on these hoes, man they guaranteed to choose
Stop trigger your re-up or you're guaranteed to lose
Guarantee you slicker with your hustle, do it like the mob do

Learn to talk in code, learn to keep the law up off you
Cause you ^!$$%z keep snitchin, and hoes keep talkin
Either they throw away the ki' or they gon' put you in a coffin

[Chorus One + Chorus Two]

[Yung Joc]
If you made it to this portion of the album

Give yourselves a round of applause man
I wanna say thank you personally from the bottom of my heart
For takin the time, to ride with me ^!$$%

To wake up to this %#@!, to go to sleep to this %#@!
To thug to this %#@!, to get money to this %#@! ^!$$%
Hustlenomic$ is what it is

It's not a campaign for mother$#&@in attention
This is what I do
Like I said, if you listen to this %#@!

Apparently what you do ^!$$%, get money, Block E-N-T~! [echoes]

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