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YUNG JOC : Get Like Me lyrics

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YUNG JOC lyrics : "Get Like Me"

Get like me - DJ Scream ft Yung Joc


Just bought a zone, J's on my feet
Im on that patrone so get like me (2x)

Er'body love me, im so fly
^!$$%s throw the deuces er'time I ride by

Er' er'body love me, im so fly
^!$$%s throw the deuces er'time I ride by

Yung Joc:
Cmon tell me what it do
I do it for the A

When the top drop rock the platinum CAR-DEE-AY
Got the microsoft, they call me Bill Gates
Links around my neck looking like I bill gates

Im Mr. Amacove, yeah I got da pumps
Pockets on swoh, looking like they got the mumps
I mount my change, gotta get the riches

Sprung a look a thangs, yall gettin JC pendants
Pass that patrone, the limes right thur
Rock wit it, lean wit it in my night gurr

Wink my eye at your (*##$ now she wishes she could touch
See the J's on my feet as she love the diamond cuts, fresh to death, everyday, like I jump up out the casket
Ask chino dollar bout that dope boi magic

Connect it like apartments, keep one in the cartridge, chevy seats ostrich, ^!$$% im starvin'


Lil Boosie:
Ok im on that patrone, im on that dro

Im on a couple pill, dont $#&@ wit the blow
Ya boy style back, miss the zodiac

Gotta stay high, rollin on the sack
My ^!$$%s in the room, left to the right
We rappers on 3, thats the westside

Watch us 2 step, throw the head back
Im in the strip club, cuz thats my trap
Yall better know it, bay da on the hill

One in the chamber, 50 on the trail
All the hos love me, they best friends like me
Popped a couple pills now I got them hos dikin'

Hit me on the phone, catch me on the screen
14 grands on the purp for the 3
Dress to impress, gotta stay fresh

Roll wit ya boy and your $#&@in wit the best


DJ Scream:
Take it to the hand, toss it on back

Gimme that patrone we dont want no yack
I see u, u see me
(yup)fresh to death from my head to my feet

Gotta bad (*##$ and she gotta bad (*##$
So when we hit the do' now we got yo (*##$
Dont get mad, you keep it cool

I hang wit them goons and the boyz keep'em too
I hussle all day, imagine how I live, stack the big faces throw away dem dollar bills
Its like a fairy tale, you can call me robin hood

Read from dem suckas and I drop it in the hood
Neighborhood trapstar in starbucks
Tell me where I go and I leave star strucked


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