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YUNG JOC : Do Yah Bad lyrics

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YUNG JOC lyrics : "Do Yah Bad"

Babe if it's a problem go on let me know
And if it ain't %#@!, ^!$$% go on let it go

But while it's on my mind, I need to let you know
Them choppers on deck and I ain't afraid to let 'em go
Yea I'll do ya, do ya (do ya bad, do ya bad)

I'll do ya, do ya (do ya bad, do ya bad)
I'll do ya, do ya (do ya bad, do ya bad)
I'll do ya, do ya (do ya bad, do ya bad)

[Verse One]
Is that right?

Let me talk to y'all ^!$$%z one time
You on that dumb %#@! (dumb %#@!) ain't wit it man
That's the main reason murders get committed man

It can go down (go down) any minute man
Goon squad jump out, that black on black mini-van
So you better be (be) quick and on your toes

Where them chopper bullets stop, nobody knows (knows)
Babies cryin, ^!$$%z dyin all over the place (place)
Momma cryin cause there's blood all over her face

This is not a game (game) this is not a test (test)
Swiss cheese your brain, mayne you'll be laid to rest (laid to rest)
I'll bust your head (BWAH) ask questions later (later)

Throw the deuces, sayanora to you haters


[Verse Two]
That's right, talk to 'em, ay look

I don't know your (*##$ ((*##$) she don't know me either (%#@!)

I suggest you keep it movin if you wanna keep her

You don't want these problems (oh no) that's a bad idea
Machete'll have your $$# runnin like diarrhea
Nobody move (move) nobody get hurt, %#@!

If I pull that tool, er'ybody hit the dirt, look
This could be avoided only if you keep your cool ^!$$%
Act like you grown instead of still in middle school ^!$$%

You don't really want this beef bruh
Put in back in the freezer
You'll freeze up when I pull the heat

Then squeeze {*BLAM*} from the knees up
This is not a game (game) this is not a test (test)
Slow your roll (roll) or you'll be laid to rest


[Verse Three]
Yeah; I'll sell you wet dope just to make it weigh right
Call them boys, set you up in broad daylight

Yeah I'll bang your (*##$ (your broad) I'll do you bad
Nine months later, now she screamin you're the dad
If you lose your bump, say I never found the %#@! (nah I ain't seen it)

If I owe ya guap', pay your $$# with counterfeit (yeah here you go)
Oh yea I'll flex ya ^!$$% (flex ya ^!$$%) don't think I cain't
(Don't think I cain't) Have my broad put some suger in your gas tank

Cut your brake line (line) slash your back tire (tire)
When you crank your car (car) your engine catch fire (OH !#@(!)
Now I don't know (know) what you've been told (told)

But these are brief descriptions, of how this hook go


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