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YUNG BERG lyrics : "Where Do We Go"

(feat. Twista)

Bro whats poppin

Its bout time real shy town ^!$$%s link up
Without no further a due
I give you

Yung Berg and Twista lets get it in

Where do we go from here

Now that all of the children are grown up
And i will respend my time
Knowing nobody gives us a hand

Aye (Aye)
If ya'll ^!$$%s dont get ya money right

This time you know what sayin
I'm giving ^!$$%s til the end of 07 bout 08
(Where we going)

My bank account gon have 8 digits that is
Lets go (Lets go)

[Yung Berg:]
Nobody gave me nothing
I made 50 of a pack

When i made 100
I ran straight to the block
Bounced back with the work like

(Take it all you need me)
Yes sir

^!$$%s better get wit the program
Im fast on a track
But I kill a slow jam

Oh man, god damn
(Take it all you need me)

YB gang thats the new thang
Brand new chain is straight from hussein
Mo shoes mo cars

(Take it all you need me)
Mo clothes mo brain
Oh yeah

You done seen a few ^!$$%s
Wit a yang like me

Never really had doh
And shorty like my
Never roled around in a drop top V

Like me, like we, YB, thats us
Too fast, too hard

(Take it all you need me)
Young buck, catch up

Imma prime time player
Shorty dont smoke weed

She a high time hater and
Why date her hand
My paper is,

(Take it all you need me)
Few taller than, a skyscraper

^!$$%s better know how to ride the 101
Big shotgun and i buy another one
And another (and another)

And another (and another)
(Take it all you need me)
Keep going, is you wit it

You aint got %#@! to say less you did it
You aint never came from nothin and blew wit it

(But) who did it
(Yep) I did it
YB, thats the new [?] yea

[Chorus: x4]
Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here
(Take it all you need me)

Where we going from here ^!$$%s
I know where we going
But where you going
Don't miss the train ^!$$%

Headed straight to the yung boss mansion
Southside stand up
Location top of the world
Westside get up K-Town
Twista get em

Now now
Im a old g in the city and ya knew one day
A ^!$$% was gon come along and spit that real %#@!

Wanna bet, what
(Take it all you need me)
That he too much of a thug for you
Wanna be ballers out here to deal with

Make it competition go sit on the couch for him

If he need work imma hand it out for him
If he need a pistol imma hand it out for him
(Take it all you need me)
Yung Berg and the Twista and i'll vouch for him
Thats me

[?] and i admit it cuz no one out here

Could spit it just so i could spit it
Flow a just so could flow a
$#&@ her like i could $#&@ her
(Take it all you need me)
Do her like i could do her
Get it how you got to get it

Me and my boy came up on tha block
Hustling by the bulding
Just stacking the money up to the ceilin
Aint no penicillin finna hit em
When im dealing wit em ask Yung Berg
Where we go after we kill em

Cuz we gettin money and the roof gon be so wicked
Is the reason we can kick it how we kick and
Its the reason why we pull up on the 30's
(Take it all you need me)
And the hummers and
We dont give a $#&@ if we get a ticket and

Why I pay a hundred dollars for a watch
Five Fifty for a ounce a Kush
Three Fifty for a pair of jeans
And thirty thousand for a charger
(Take it all you need me)
Two Hundred for all cops on the first look
Got money on the books

And we got the dollars for impalers
And the thumpers and the hummers
And im throwing out the other figgas
Yung B E R to the G wit the TB some killas
And we never taking %#@! from off another ^!$$%

Everytime i had mo of to dank
^!$$%s think i be finish
But i got mo in the tank
Imma score about 80 on em
And go in the paint
(Take it all you need me)
Imma take a chunk of ya chip
And then go to the bank so uh

[Chorus: x4]
Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here
(Take it all you need me)

[Yung Berg:]
Yes sir
^!$$%s said Dr Wine wasnt nothing
3 years later Dr Wine got a budget
4 years later now everybody love it
(Take it all you need me)

^!$$%s said June wasnt that hot
JB sitting back and i was gon flop
Now we on top like dog i told ya
(Take it all you need me)

M holla whats good miss ride out
Let these mother$#&@ers
Know what we talk about
Left lane, yung boss
Get ya money we bout to turn the lights out
We about to take it straight to the white house
Cook crack clean it up then i write down
Everything that i see we i come around
(Take it all you need me)
Every state every hood that i've been around

84th just seen to the buggie down
^!$$%s know i blow weed when i put it down
^!$$%s know i got love ^!$$%s know i been plugged
(Take it all you need me)
Thats right imma a prince of the shy town

So where my southside ^!$$%s at right now
We gon all line up in a single file
And give the whole world something they can sing about
(Take it all you need me)

Rule 1 better live what you speak bout
Rule 2 dont slip when you creep out
Rule 3 grab heat when you leave out
Rule 4 dont rush ^!$$% ease out
(Take it all you need me)
And Rule 5 fall or die

Cop that %#@! that the ballers buy
Ride that wip that the ballers drive
Big GT Royce Chevy thats ridin high
Swang on em when you ridin by and im gone

[Chorus: x4]
Where do we go from here
Where do we go from here
(Take it all you need me)

Its the boss baby
Look what you made me
Where we going from here
So you ridin wit us so good luck
You could be with this or that

So there you have it
Eat your $#&@ing heart out on this one
Yung Berg, Twista
Ugh [echo]

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