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YUNG BERG lyrics : "So Amazing"

How my (*##$ rolled me one
Ain't gonna cook me breakfast
When they hear they make me gonna

This haters fly on me
Try to get...
Gotta keep my security in case they wanna run

This groovy lovers... back to the...
We keep the... blazing when I am
So amazing

So amazing
... least as ecstasy
We get carried away

Probably get married today
18 bottles... rock what... rockless
18 models with my hand all in their...

Trying to smoke my weed
I am like... get it popping
We stumble out the club...

Don't mind him baby I am
So amazing
We are so amazing

So amazing (repeat)
When we $#&@...
So amazing (repeat)

Bad (*##$es roll my weed for me
My gucci chain is too g shorty
My luis belt cost 3-40

I do it... last night at a concert with e 40
... curtains... in a maybach
Sex in the city got your girl masturbating

And it's so amazing
We brought hard dog
Jesus let me

... fly !@$@ got fly (*##$es with him
... every day for me is easter sunday
So call me up and keep the... for coming

I am from the city where shorty
Tips you off when the police is coming
South side till I die even though the !@$@s hate me

I am so amazing
We are so amazing
We are so amazing

So amazing (repeat)
When we $#&@...
So amazing (repeat)

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