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YUNG BERG lyrics : "I'm On"

Ft. King Los & K Young

Baby, like, we ain't dropped an album

In at least fo' years
How the $#&@ we hit that fella?
Baby, lighting bellies don't drop

For at least four months
How the $#&@ is ^!$$%s go?
I ain't gotta lie, do %#@!

Fool on others
It's good music in a bitter cool summer
I ain't worry bout nothing

Everything Gucci
Chain $#&@ing your $$# out a Hummer
Yes, come for my new (*##$ dump

South side, ^!$$%, I'ma give you three hundred
Some say cops, some ^!$$%s say runners
Old $#&@ boys, y'all never seen commas?

Out T-Ovana(?), I might eat a (???)
$#&@ing in the pool, then finish in the sauna
hit making ^!$$%, hit making ^!$$%

(Welcome to my show)
Might see me with Rhianna

Pull up to that club
Leave two hoes in that 2 seater
Lap on lap on lap

I call lights on, lights on
Hook it from the top
Start up from the bottom

Never going back, going back
Pretty young momma
Dirty big baller

How we ball like that!
Feel like I'm on for the first time
Sitting on my throne for the first time

I tell 'em meet me at the top
Only since that beat drop
I'm still gonna get this money

If you like it, or not
I'm on! On, on!
I'm on! On, on!

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