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YSQS : Our Sweet Paradise lyrics

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YSQS lyrics : "Our Sweet Paradise"

Our Sweet Paradise
/Verse 1./

I'll never get you, out of my way
Cause I know, you are a place to stay.
And you know, I will hold your hand

Cause darling, you are my soulmate.
/Verse 2./
And now, I'll upload this step

I aproach to you to show you who I am.
Babe, save me please!
Cause without you, my hearth cries alone.


My compass leads me to you,
My dreams only dream about you,
And my arms, they want to hold you tight.

Look at me, and make me travel with your eyes!


Because I love this place
Our sweet paradise

And I fell that you don't know, you don't know, you don't know,
How much I love you.

/Verse 3/

In our paradise, there are trees of love
and much grass, green and soft.

Let's browse ou kisses river.
Tell me how we will be you and me.


You take me over
Take my soul
Stuff my mind

But never leave me here alone...


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