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YOYOY VILLAME lyrics : "'Sion...'Tion"

In my own observation
In this new life situation
Ang mundo'y nag pollution

Sa dami ng population
in this new generation
Ang tao'y nag-a-addition

kung minsa'y multiplication
Di na magkasya sa subdivision
Sion.. Tion? Sion?

That's why we have discussion
To make a good resolution

Give the people instruction
To maintain sanitation
That is the good protection

In this beautiful nation
All I ask we'll take action
Cleanliness beautification

Sion.. Tion? Sion?

So we have an election

To elect our delegation
To present our relation
To attend every session

That is their obligation
To promulgate the constitution
Take good care

Of your possession
So that no graft
And corruption


Don't make a violation

In traffic rules regulation
Drive your car good condition
No reckless and obstruction

So that no collision
In dangerous intersection
Avoid accidentation

Pagkat mahirap hospitalization

If you have some occasion
Plant a green revolution
It is good for nutrition

In our health communication
Maintain your jurisdiction
At complete vegetation

Parang re-organization
Ay thank you congratulation
Sion? Tion? Sion?

In this world of evaluation
Everything has taxation

High price no salvation
No discount, no deduction
Salaries low dimension

For the family consumption
Si mister nag-recreation
Si misis nag konsumisyon?

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