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Youth Brigade : On The Edge lyrics

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Youth Brigade lyrics : "On The Edge"

What kind of evil is inside of you
You lie to my face when you tell me your truth
You're not the same girl that I used to know

You live in a nightmare, your whole life's a show

That's on the edge, on the edge

It goes on and on, on and on
On the edge, on the edge
It goes on and on, on and on

So many things you do just for fun
Not much you can do that hasn't been done

No sense in giving if you've nothing to give
No sense in living if you don't want to live - That's a $#&@ing joke!

Deny the problem but it won't go away
Look to your future, not day to day
You can't run away when the problems inside

You've got to find the source you just can't hide
No one can help you, you don't want their help
A slap in the face is better than a stab in the back

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