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Youth Brigade : Alright Then lyrics

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Youth Brigade lyrics : "Alright Then"

Please don't stop me if you've heard this one before
Just another battle fought in a never ending war
Kick you when you're feeling down

Really funny like a clown
Everything is relative when you're lying on the floor

Whose the enemy? What are you fighting for?
Is all your life, just an empty fight!

Struggle just to understand
Stand up be counted, be a man
All you ever wanted is someone to give a %#@!

War is one of apathy, fight to make a life that's free
Free to think & love & see all that is and that shall be

Whose the enemy? What are you fighting for?
Is all your life, just an empty fight!
All right then, we'll fight them, foe or friend

Phone is ringing off the hook
Neighbours give me dirty looks,

I'm blasting all my punk rock records
On a hot summer day
You swear you'd never be like them

Settle down & then give in
Do you sometimes wonder
What is now and what might have been?

All right then, we'll fight then, for or friend

Drink a toast for those that died
Remember well the pain we hide
Sure it's easy to give in

But where's your sense of pride?
If you have time to have regrets
Certainly you can have respect

For those that struggle ceaselessly
In this endless civil war
You wonder now of what I speak

Of joys and sorrows and havoc wreaked
As if the task of living life was the greatest of all fights
Hateful souls find fights the best

But more of us seek happiness
Struggle all your life to find and leave your love defined

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