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YOUR SIDE NOW : Infomercials lyrics

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YOUR SIDE NOW lyrics : "Infomercials"

Hey guys!
Welcome back to The Super Awesome Remover!
Now all you mother$#&@ers come get this #~!!@


(People screaming)


Man what's going on the world
Got two beautiful girls in my life
Now all I need is a wife

Hunting for a change
Taking the chance to make a difference in my life
Make another day come and have a little strife in my self

Cos you see It cuts like a knife
I'm sick and tired of these (*##$es coming in with a manipulating story
I'm gone with the glory

Watching the same old %#@! and it's so boring
But knock knock knock
Who is this

An bald-headed man and asks me to make a infomercial with my number one girl
Try to tell her how she rocks my world
I'm a speed demon

And she's a bad (*##$
Licking on a lollipop is like a Teenage Witch
Gone for the brokers

Down to the robbery
Now I'm a grown man
Gone through puberty


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