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YOUNGSTOWN lyrics : "I Ll Be Your Everything"

You can call me when you want me
If you need a friend you got me

I`ll be your everything
Fufill your every dream

We can do it automatic
You just call out Go Go Gadget

I`ll be your everything,
You`ll see i`m everything you want and more

I knew, the moment that we met

I had to be a part of you
Someone you won`t forget
Let`s not say, I`m like the other few

No matter what is going down
You`ll find me next to you

Girl, I`ll be your Superman

I`ll do what no one can,
You`ll find that i`ll be everything that you need

Deep down inside of you
No matter what you do

You`ll see i`m everything you want and more


Verse 2:

No sweat, Claw is on his way
Don`t worry `bout him catchin you
Don`t need to be afraid

Somehow, Someway, I`ll find out what`s the deal
And I`ll be there to rescue you
You`ll see that i`m for real

Prechorus X 1

Chorus X 2
and more

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