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YOUNGBLOODZ : Grown Man lyrics

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YOUNGBLOODZ lyrics : "Grown Man"

(feat. Shawty Putt)

I got my top dropped down on my 442

Hangin' out the roof like what ya'll gon' do
hit the gas twice
before my %#@! get started

snap it out of park
hit it hard
now I'm tearin up the yard

ridin sideways pealin up the concrete
nostrils in my hood, (?)
got some (*##$es in the backseat

flowmasters howlin
engine it be growlin
all them old folks can say

is damn ya'll ^!$$%s be ridin (?)
chrome polish
ya'll punks stylish

take my giovanis off and throw back on the rally's
comin down hard sittin on leather grippin wood
this aint no lil boy she got that man under my hood

I got that grown man up under the hood

up under the hood
i got that got that grown man
up under the hood

up under the hood
grown, grown man
up under the hood

up under the hood
i got that got that grown man
up under the hood

up under the hood

Now you might catch me wit my eyes tight sippin on that remy

keepin duals up in the doge truck
yeah its gotta hemi
but when the lil kids see me

they be like damn
momma when i grow up ima get me one of them
26 inch rims you can hardly see the rubber

flowin big 15's beatin like a mutha$#&@a
hey everything custom headlight to the tailpipe
my %#@! tight, ur's just aight

heyyy hey hey hey you know im chiefin good
got these windows rolled uo adn these hoes wanna ride if they could
but its $$#, gas, and cash

understood i got that grown man up under the hood


I got that grown man
under my hood

i didnt know it was gon' be so hard
ridin' so good x2

now you can see it from a distance hear me comin from a mile
its that monster that grown man
happened ? to check me out

im a beast in the streets
a fool behind the wheel
a ^!$$% wit a attitude comin down the hill

see 24's got them hoes like woah
choppin wit the top down
im headed to the sto'

yeah, pick up a bottle of that pat? and then we burn out
down 85 to the spot so we can ball out
cuz when you see me boy you know im ridin good

wet paint, flip flop knockin hard through the hood
yeah, thats what i do when shine switchin lane to lane
smoked out wit a couple hoes

is that grown man


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